Redesigned Edmonton Transit System App


This group project was to address the issues of Edmonton’s current transit app. With our existing knowledge and additional research, we had to design a new app that would enhance the transit experience. (Project done in User Experience and Usability)

Target Audience

The audience for this redesign was primarily those who take public transit in Edmonton. However, we wanted to make it easy to use for all passengers, from those frequent public transit users to those who rarely use the transit system at all.


We created an easy-to-navigate app that has all the main information front and center. Retaining the current colors links it to the current system and print materials to provide unity among the different mediums.


Erika Guevara, Deanna Payne and Claudia Matus


1 My team started by defining the project and answering four questions: What is the problem we are trying to solve? What is the purpose of the app? Who is the target audience? What are the tone and feel we are going for? To help answer these questions, we started with a competitor analysis to get a sense of what others are doing. That was followed by a literature review on the existing system and the importance of public transit. Next we gathered many different projects to do an aesthetic assessment in order to get a sense of what the client did or did not like. That led to one-on-one interviews to get opinions from the different users who take transit. All of the information informed our personas along with our creative brief.