Forage Brand


The challenge was to develop a comprehensive visual identity for the fictitious brand Forage, a farm-to-fork, foods-to-go type of culinary enterprise. Their focus is on transforming local and regional produce into delicious take-home meals. (Project done in Corporate ID and Branding)

Target Audience

Forage’s clientele consists of people who are interested in delicious, locally sourced food. Forage provides take-home meals for those on the go, as well as catering services and cooking classes.


I created a wordmark that encompasses the farm aspect by stylizing the "f" to resemble a weathervane and chose a warmer color palette that evokes the image of autumn, harvest time.


1 Sketching a variety of wordmarks and variations was the first stage. That lead to four potential designs that were evaluated by fellow classmates. From the four variations, one was chosen to move forward with for the next stage of the project.

2 Choosing the most applicable color palette that expressed the values and goals of the brand was the next challenge.

3 With the wordmark and color palette chosen, finding imagery was the next task. From there, I applied the three pieces to a variety of tangibles.

4 The last stage was developing a branding guidelines manual that encompassed all aspects of the brand.

Photos used with permission from Sharmon Hutton