Hungry and wanting to eat? Diabetes Infographic Website Mockup


The project was to inform and educate the audience by presenting the information in a clear and compelling way. Specifically creating an infographic that shows a step-by-step process. (Project done in Information Design)

Target Audience

The audience consists of those who are interested in learning more about diabetics and some of what being a diabetic entails. The infographic is meant to be understood by those 12 and older.


I created a single page website that would be responsive and easy to follow. The people illustrations were created by the AIGA Pictograph System and the rest were created by me; the colors were strategically chosen to be consistent with the awareness ribbons and many of the diabetic supply company colors.


1 The project started out with idea generation: coming up with the process that was going to be shown. The next stage was researching and gathering the information that was going to be included into the infographic.

2 From there I explored different infographics, following the tall scrolling styled infographics that was the style that I was going for. I decided that I would present the content in a scrolling website instead.

These images were used for inspiration only.

3 With all the content in hand, sketching out the sections was the next step. Once they were well defined and worked well together, the next thing to do was to make them digital.

4 Once the project was in Illustrator, the website was constantly being refined until every pieces made sense and flowed well with the rest of the group.