Inception Visualized


The challenge was to synthesize, organize and display the key components of a film with a non-linear timeline in a way that is clear and invites the viewer to navigate the information, and to compare and contrast. (Project done in Information Design)

Target Audience

The primary audience for this infographic are people confused with the movie and wanting more information about it. It can also be utilized by film studies students to help with the understanding of the film.


The timeline is shown in a linear form even though it is a non-linear film with multiple dream levels. It was presented this way in order to help audiences easily understand where the characters are within the levels of the movie.


1 It started with background research to study existing materials that explore and analyze the film. Next I surveyed existing work that would provide inspiration for the poster.

These images were used for inspiration only.

2 The second step was gathering data. Viewing the movie and extracting content from it was the primary source of information. With that information, identifying key components and hierarchies of elements came next.

3 Thirdly was the analysis of the content, which consisted of organizing, sequencing and synthesizing the information, followed by visualizing, designing and completing the layout. Brainstorming, sketching and initial exploring helped to establish the macro and micro views. There were three key levels of information that consisted of the overall timeline, the intermediate view consisting of the actions and events and the flashbacks and symbols, which were the details. Prototyping was the final stage in this step to find the right way to lay out the content.