Littering Case Study Analysis Infographic


This is the individual piece, choosing one research method to focus on, of a larger group project, which was to come up with a possible solution to reduce littering in Edmonton. (Project done in Design Thinking Seminar)

Target Audience

Edmontonians who live and work downtown were the focus. However, this infographic can also be utilized by anyone to help change the perception of littering.


The final project was the creation of a visual comparative infographic that takes the form of a twitter style graphic to be easily viewable in many different mediums, especially tablets.


Group project with Alicia Palmar, Vanessa Frederick, and Jelena Wong.


1 The team came up with the question: How can we change the views on littering for the people of downtown Edmonton? From there, I decided to focus on a literature review as my chosen research method.

2 The process started out with gathering and analyzing multiple sources. The information that was available provided a good understanding of what makes people more or less likely to litter. A case study comparing litter and waste in Singapore and Japan proved to be the most useful. With that information, I began sketching layouts for the collected content.

3 From sketching, the digital version was created. The class provided useful feedback to make it easier to connect and compare the facts by altering the overall form.