The Rainbow Society of Alberta Website Redesign


The challenge was to redesign the look and feel of the current Rainbow Society website. Being provided with the mockup allowed for more emphasis on understanding the organization and translation of that information into mobile and desktop color mockups. (Project done in Web Design and Development 2)

Target Audience

The Rainbow Society of Alberta's primary audience consists of the donors, followed closely by families, either in similar situations looking for assistance or those whose children are getting a wish granted. The other audience that I took into consideration are those referring a child.


With the target audiences and the wishes that get granted in mind, the website took on a magical and enchanting feeling. Many children dream of going to Disneyland, and this website is meant to help make those and many other wishes come true.


1 The project started with a detailed analysis of the organization, from the organization's purpose to the target audiences and the content each audience would be looking for.

2 With the analysis, style tiles were created to best reflect the organization and the target audiencs.

3 Next, the style tiles got applied to the wireframe to create the desktop color mockups.

4 Lastly, the the design was optimized for mobile use.

Web content was provided and used for concept only.