City of Edmonton Recycling and Waste Management Website


The challenge of this project, done in the Web Design and Development 3 course at MacEwan University, was combining the recycling and waste sections to make one website. Organizing the extensive amount of content allowed for the presentation of the information in a more user friendly way.

Target Audience

The primary audience of these sections on the City of Edmonton website are residents, including those new to Edmonton, as well as, the people already residing here. The secondary audience would be schools, specifically teachers, to use as learning resources and possibly take their students on tours. The other audiences are business owners and city planners.


I created a long homepage which provides the most useful information front and center. The most noteworthy piece is the Stations & Depots row which has all the information one needs within a simple dropdown.


Michaella Yaceyko


1 The project started with the define and discover phase to analyse the existing site and rank the likely audiences. Next was the visual identity site audit of similar websites. From there, my partner and I created a sitemap of the existing section. To end off this phase, we created a survey that posed ten questions; the answers will inform the layout and organization of the new site.

2 The second phase was based on the information gathered from the survey. We analyzed the results and found that waste disposal and recycling were the most important to the respondents. With this information and more, we constructed a new site map together. From there we broke off to individually prioritize the content for our home page.

3 The next phase of the project was wireframing. It started with sketching thumbnails that would define the general layout of the homepage. Next was writing the micro text, which was followed by the creation of the wireframes.

4 The fourth phase was creating styletiles that would provide the look and feel of the website. This was closely followed by creating the mockups.

Web content was gathered from existing sections of the website, publications and social media.