The World Food Crisis


The goal was to create a poster that shines light on the the world food crisis by highlighting seven countries and four different aspects of the world food crisis. (Project done in Information Design)

Target Audience

The ideal audience is people interested in the issue, and the infographic could possibly be used by a variety of groups to bring awareness to the world food crisis.


I solved the issue of incorporating all the content and keeping the majority of the information on the map, which allows the viewer to visually compare the countries.


1 The process started out by gathering ideas on ways to visually include a large amount of information in a single poster.

These images were used for inspiration only.

2 Next came the content analysis. In order to design the poster, I needed to have a clear understanding of the countries and their relations to one another.

3 That led to sketching potential layouts of the information, creating the graphs and getting a sense of the amount of space the items needed.